Our Story

At the age of 38 Karen Henning was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For the next 15 years she searched for ways to ease the chronic pain and fatigue caused by the disease but struggled to find lasting relief.

In December 2015, Karen experienced a particularly severe flare-up. As she was getting ready for work she prayed, asking God to help her cope with the pain. Less than half an hour later Karen arrived at work and a good friend came to her with a suggestion. "You should try cryotherapy. It helps fibromyalgia!"

A few days later Karen and her husband Dave drove two hours so Karen could try cryotherapy and the results were extraordinary! For the next few months Karen drove to Ohio every weekend to continue cryotherapy. After her 8th session Karen experienced what she describes as “complete remission” from her fibromyalgia pain. Since then, Karen has reduced her therapy sessions to a few times per month and, to this day, lives free of debilitating fibromyalgia symptoms.


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Here to Help

After experiencing the incredible benefits of cryotherapy Karen and Dave wanted to share it with others. On a mission to make this life changing therapy accessible to the Erie community they opened Lake Effect Cryotherapy in 2017, the first and only whole body cryotherapy center in Northern Pennsylvania.

Freezin' for a Reason

Since opening in April 2017 Lake Effect Cryotherapy has served over 1,400 clients, offering an effective, safe and accessible pain relief treatment to the Erie community.