Lake Effect Client Testimonials





*Phil is the inaugural member of Lake Effect’s “Cryo 100 Club.”

“…I am in the process of getting off almost all of my medications.
My blood work went from being really really bad to being really really very good.
I no longer have insomnia.
I have no more anxiety, depression, or panic attacks.
My Psoriasis on my chest is completely gone.
My red rash on both legs is gonzo.
Continues to help me with pain management after my knee surgery.

Karen and Dave Henning have become my extended family during this journey. We are so blessed to have them and Cyrotherapy right here in Erie. Please go and talk to them if you think this might help you.

Cyrotherapy has changed my life in such a profound and amazing way.

This might be exactly what you're body and mind needs.”


Today I am feeling soooo much better than yesterday.!

About a half hour after leaving Lake Effect Cryotherapy, I felt release from the pain that had been nagging all week....AMAZING !! My head had told me that going to Cryo last evening wouldn't do any good because, for the past two days, I had taken Tramadol and been in the hot tub, besides laying down to get relief. Nothing made it go away. The Tramadol took the edge off, but, it wasn't until about a half hour after the 3 minute magic freeze, did I feel better. STILL FEELING GOOD TODAY !

I'm so very grateful that you brought this treatment to the area! Continuous pain wears you down, physically, mentally, emotionally....CRYOTHERAPY for me has provided a much welcomed and needed short-circuit. I so much appreciate this.”


"Having had Rheumatoid Arthritis for twenty-four years, Lake Effect Cryotherapy has been an answer to so many prayers. After a multitude of progressive medications with undesirable side effects, E.R. visits and chronic pain management, I was skeptical that chryotherapy could make a difference but after meeting Karen and Dave and learning Karen’s story, I felt hope.

The evening of the first treatment I felt rejuvenated and energized. After subsequent visit my body responded with little milestones. Fast forward twenty visits and I am walking nine holes of golf, riding my road bicycle again, sleeping better, having great flexibility and no pain! Today’s milestone was giving myself a complete pedicure – something I haven’t been able to do in over ten years.

Thank you Lake Effect Cryotherapy for giving me my life back. Hope is the most incredible gift.